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Muhammad Jhangeer Hanif

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PACRA Upgrades IFS Rating of SPI Insurance Company Limited

Rating Type IFS
(02-Oct-17 )
(07-Jun-17 )
Action Upgrade Maintain
IFS Rating A A-
Outlook Stable Positive
Rating Watch - -

The rating reflects substantial improvement in the business profile of the company. The company continues to demonstrate sizeable growth in its topline and the portfolio mix is well-balanced. The client base is direct with less reliance on bank business. The organization takes benefit from synergistic approach at group level - United International Group (UIG) - and replicates the group's established practices. With reported loss ratio, the company demonstrates underwriting profitability. The contribution from alternative income stream – investment book – is small; needs to improve. Improved equity size and hence liquidity supported by the recent right issue provides cushion to the risk absorption capacity.

The rating is dependent on the management's ability to capitalize on its brand and group's well-built platform for business expansion. At the same time, the liquidity level must improve and consequent income stream should likewise go up; herein attrition beyond a requisite threshold would negatively impact. Recovery of overdue receivables is crucial.

About the Entity
SPI Insurance Company Limited (SPI), an unquoted public limited company, was established in 2005. The company is majority-owned by UIG (69%), followed by Silkbank (23%) and Saudi Pak Leasing (8%). The overall control of the company vests in a BoD comprising seven members; five members represent UIG, whereas two members represent Silkbank. UIG is a diversified group having interests in insurance, tracking business, IT, agriculture, insurance brokerage and microfinance-banking. UIG, by capitalizing on the platform of two insurance companies - UIC and SPI - has achieved a sizeable market share of 8% at end-Jun17.

Mr. M. A. Shahid, CEO/MD since beginning Jun-11, is a law graduate having extensive insurance industry experience, especially with The United Insurance Company of Pakistan - a flagship company of UIG. He is assisted by a team of experienced professionals.

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