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PACRA Assigns Initial Entity Ratings to M.Y. Bari Mills (Pvt.) Limited

Rating Type Entity
(29-Dec-17 )
Action Initial
Long Term BB+
Short Term A3
Outlook Stable
Rating Watch -

The ratings of M.Y. Bari Mills (Pvt.) Limited (Bari Mills) reflect small yet growing business profile. Bari Mills is a family owned small scale private company owned by a seasoned business family of Karachi. The company is primarily an export oriented, towel manufacturing concern. Bari Mills is in the process of expanding its manufacturing facilities which is proving key driver in increase in revenues (44% increase in FY17). Textile industry overall is witnessing suppressed margins due to international lower commodity price and higher cost of doing business in Pakistan. However, towel and denim industry continues to surge forward on the back of Pakistan’s cotton which is more suitable for coarse counts yarn. Towel industry continues to give good margins which is reflected in Bari Mills profitability. On standalone basis, the company’s concentration levels – both customer and geographical – are significantly high with majority of company revenues (~73%) emanates from a single customer. However, the ratings draw comfort from the Bari group's overall customer base. Financial risk of the company needs better management which is reflected highly leveraged capital structure though, coverages remain strong. Going forward, in absence of any further debt-driven expansion in the medium-term, financial profile is expected to become strong. The ratings further incorporate the young management team and the family’s long association with textile sector.

The ratings are dependent on sustaining business margins while maintaining financial risk at low level. Meanwhile, strengthening of governance framework for better oversight of strategic affairs is considered essential.

About the Entity
M.Y. Bari Mills (Pvt.) Limited (Bari Mills), incorporated in 2012, is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of different varieties of towel. The company operates with two units providing stitching, weaving and processing facilities. Bari Mills is a family owned business owned by Mr. Haroon Bari (20% shareholding) and his five sons (16% shareholding each).

Overall control vests with five members BoD. All directors represent Bari Family Group. Mr. Haroon Bari, the Chairman, carries with him over four decades of experience in textile sector. He is supported by all his sons, while, Mr. Nabeel Haroon Bari – eldest son being the CEO of Bari Mills, leads the management team.

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