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Faraan Taimoor

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PACRA maintains Entity Ratings of Loads Limited

Rating Type Entity
Action Maintain Initial
Long Term A A
Short Term A1 A1
Outlook Stable Stable
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The ratings reflect the strong industry positioning of Loads Limited in its respective niche. With a presence of up to four decades in the automotive industry, the company has established a formidable forte in the domestic market along with a committed client base. The company employs its specific business model i.e. working through subsidiaries catering to the current product suite, Multiple Autoparts Industries (Private) Limited and Specialized Autoparts Industries (Private) Limited. Loads Limited has nurtured its relationship over the years with the OEMs, providing comfort to the ratings.The company has an admirable market share (~95%) in the sales of exhaust system, strength in this segment emanates from exclusive agreements signed with the leading OEM’s (Suzuki, Toyota and Honda) in the country and technical collaborations with international players. The company is gearing towards further diversification and venturing into manufacturing of Alloy Wheels. A new subsidiary, Hi-tech Alloy Wheels Limited, has been formed for the upcoming project. Commercial production is expected towards the end of the year. The company intends to go for an IPO to partially finance the new project. Loads Limited has witnessed reduction in the coverages and has seen a surge in financing costs. Short term borrowings have inflated, an outcome of its need to fund its initiatives. The company intends to engage new automotive players emerging in the industry to increase its business volumes.
The ratings are dependent on the management's ability to sustain the financial risk profile while embarking into the new business venture. Maintaining market share in all segments remain crucial. The sustained uptick in recent topline and size of gross profit is crucial, while buffering cash flow coverages.

About the Entity
Loads Limited was es tablished in 1979 as a private limited company. The company was converted to a public limited company in 1994 and was listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange in 2016. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of auto parts for passenger cars, buses and trucks while also participating in the spare parts market. The auditors for the company, KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co, expressed an unqualified opinion on the latest financial statements.

Sponsored by Treet Corporation Limited, a vast conglomerate dealing in razor blades, soap and motor cycles, the company has a nine-member board of directors. The board comprises of four Non-Executive Directors including the Chairman, Mr. Syed Shahid Ali and the Vice Chairman, Mr. Saulat Said. The CEO - Mr. Munir K. Bana, a Chartered Accountant, has been associated with the company over two decades. An able management team assists him.

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