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PACRA Maintains Debt Instrument Rating of Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited | Sukuk

Rating Type Debt Instrument
(21-Aug-19 )
(19-Feb-19 )
Action Maintain Maintain
Long Term AA- AA-
Short Term - -
Outlook Stable Stable
Rating Watch - -

The ratings reflect strong business profile of the company on the back of diversified product mix. Secure supply of gas from Mari field together with lower feed stock price (under fertilizer policy - 2001 up till 2021), represents inherent strengths of the company compared to its peers. In view of discontinuation of urea subsidy scheme, the industry has increased the prices of fertilizers as well. GIDC related developments are expected to crystallize over the course of time, of which the impact will be clear once materialized. The future demand supply scenario depends upon the economic dynamics of the farmer community, given input price escalation, and production from the stand-by plants (Agritech and Fatimafert). Eyeing for a prolific business model and as per plan, Fatima Fertilizer is in process of acquiring the production and operating plants of its associate - Pakarab Fertilizer Limited including Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid, NP, CAN and clean development mechanism. The proposed merger with its wholly owned subsidiary - Fatimafert and asset deal with Pakarab Fertilizer is yet to crystallize - awaiting regulatory approvals. Post-acquisition, Fatima Fertilizer tends to become a prominent supplier of CAN & NP with the overall nameplate capacity of 2,572,400 Metric tonnes/year. Fatima Group has also ventured an undertaking to secure gas supply to Pakarab by laying gas pipeline - which is in last phase of its completion. The leveraging is expected to move up yet would remain aligned with the risk profile of the entity. Given strong cashflows, financial risk remain comfortable.
he ratings are dependent upon the company’s ability to absorb debt profile of the proposed acquisitions. Revival of Pakarab's plants, acquired by Fatima Fertilizer is underway.

About the Entity
Fatima Fertilizer, listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange, is owned by Fatima Group (45%) and Arif Habib Group (31%). Fatima Group retains management control of the company. Fatima owns a fertilizer complex with nameplate capacity of 1.28mln MT p.a, located at Mukhtar Garh, Rahim Yar Khan. In addition the group owns Pakarab Fertilizers Limited, nameplate capacity - 846,900 MT per annum and Fatimafert Limited, nameplate capacity - 445,500 MT per annum. It also has interests in textile, sugar, mining and energy sectors.
Fatima's BoDs comprises eight members, including the CEO. The chairman of Arif Habib Group, Mr. Arif Habib, an eminent businessman and a successful entrepreneur, chairs the company's board. Mr. Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the CEO of Fatima Fertilizer as well as of Pak Arab and Fatimafert. The CEO is supported by a team of experienced professionals.

About the Instrument
Fatima has a listed, rated and secured Sukuk of PKR 10.5bln, currently standing at PKR 8.4bln
which has a tenor of 5 years. Redemption of the Sukuk is in 10 semi-annual installments and
coupon payments are payable @6MK+1.10% ending in the year 2021

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