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PACRA Maintains Entity Ratings of TPL Trakker Limited

Rating Type Entity
(23-Dec-20 )
(29-Jun-20 )
Action Maintain Maintain
Long Term A- A-
Short Term A2 A2
Outlook Stable Stable
Rating Watch - Yes

The ratings incorporate TPL Trakker's prominent position in Pakistan’s tracking industry, emanating from its multifaceted product portfolio and sanguine technology infrastructure. As diversity becomes inevitable to sustain in its operating segment, the Company is gradually shifting towards business avenues that are more beneficial for company’s growth; the new segments have started to play their role however, incremental yet consistent cash flows remain pivotal. Recent developments precisely include acquisition of majority stake of Trakker Middle East LLC, and merger of TPL Maps & TPL Rupiya into TPL Trakker. Post-merger, the mapping division and locations based Services (LBS) have already started achieving above-par results. Moreover, as per the Company's plan, the process of going listed has been successfully completed – oversubscribed by 14.6% - hence, now stands as a public listed company from Aug’20. Underpinning the IPO, which got slightly delayed from its planned timeline, is the Privately Placed Commercial Paper (PPCP) which is providently redeemed and 20% remaining is deferred till Jan'21 under the SECP's Relief Package. The Company will soon be adding another Sukuk to its liquid profile, however, most of the Company's financial obligations have been deferred, including Sukuk (PKR 600mln), therefore diluting the pressure in the shorter horizon. The Company still faces the pressure of high finance cost on account of its leveraged book, resulting in persistent bottomline losses in 3MFY21. The situation accumulates the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the country which has led to severe economic disruption and demand deceleration. Currently, the Company’s financial risk profile exhibits a sigh of relief at all fronts; interest and debt coverages alongside capital structure and cash conversion cycles, endurance of which is necessitated.
The ratings are dependent upon the inclusion of new revenue streams, diversified product slate and Company’s aptness to address and unwind the factors impacting the risk profile. Improved performance indicators, including reversal of losses and sanguine financial discipline remain imperative to the ratings.

About the Entity
TPL Trakker Limited (TPLT) – is now a Public Listed Company - since it got listed on the PSX in the month of Aug’20. Previously it was a wholly owned subsidiary of TPL Corp Limited. TPL Trakker is a telematics solution provider and the core business mainly comprises vehicle tracking, fleet management, Internet of things (IoT) and Digital mapping services. TPL Corp is a ~62.41% subsidiary of TPL Holdings. Post IPO, TPL Corp Limited is the major shareholder of TPL Trakker Limited with ~64% holding. BoD of the Company comprises eight members, headed by the Chairman Mr. Jameel Yusuf. Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan is the CEO of the Company, having more than a decade of experience and has been associated with the Company for the last three years.

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