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PACRA Maintains Entity Ratings of Secure Logistics Group (Private) Limited

Rating Type Entity
Action Maintain Initial
Long Term A- A-
Short Term A2 A2
Outlook Stable Stable
Rating Watch - -

Secure Logistics Group (Private) Limited is a growing company engaged in logistics, vehicle management and tracking services. The company has expanded its operations especially in the fleet management domain. The number of vehicles have increased while diversification in terms of type of services have been achieved. The expansion strategy is expected to continue. This was enabled by the vision of the management, which helped in the garnering of fresh capital from known investment houses. The Covid-19 was a challenge and hence it impacted the operations and profitability. Despite this, the company managed to report profitability. The future is prosperous, of which the implications are being evaluated. This could be positive for the trajectory of ratings. The management has a conservative appetite as to borrowings. Having further clarity as to this is also considered positive. The envisaged path is growth in both lines of business, with less reliance on the borrowed funds. Multiple initiatives are being taken to augment the governance and control environment. The governance framework took positive direction as the representative of other shareholders joined the board. This augurs well for the company. The risk absorption capacity and liquidity is expected to help the company in the days to come.
The sector is, however, constrained by the inherent limitations pertaining to the logistics industry emanating from the fragmented nature of the sector and dependence on economic activity. The company has ventured into new segments which will further diversify the revenue base while increased business in the form of new clients is on the horizon. The growth path is defined and ambitious, however, the management is confident to achieve it.
The ratings are dependent on sustained business profile while ensuring profitability, enhanced corporate governance and control environment. The upholding of fiscal discipline is an essential feature.

About the Entity
Secure Logistics Group (Private) Limited (SLG) is a privately owned company, providing logistics, fleet management and tracking services to leading corporates, banks, insurance/ leasing firms and foreign missions.

The Company’s sponsors are seasoned professionals with exposure to private and public sectors. Mr. Pervaiz Khan (Chairman) has three decades experience in Banking and Energy industry. He holds MBA and MIA degrees from Columbia University, USA. Mr. Gulraiz Khan (Chief Executive Officer is a former Army officer with more than ten years’ experience in managing these businesses. He holds a Masters in strategy from USA and MBA from London Business School. They are assisted by qualified and experienced management team.

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