Press Release

Date: 02-Nov-23

PACRA Assigns Initial Star Ranking to Pak Qatar Islamic Stock Fund

Rating Details Rating Type Star Ranking
Fund Category Islamic Equity Fund
Total Fund In Category 21
Performance Period 1-Year
Dissemination Date Current (dd-mm-yy)
Ranking 3-Star

Rating Rationale

During one year till Sep'23, the KSE-100 and KSE-30 index improved by ~12.41% and ~4.25% whereas KMI-30 improved by ~15.12%. The overall market improved due to various economic factors, revival of foreign investment, stability in PKR:USD parity, and stability in the policy rate. The category average showed a return of ~10.1%. While top top-performing fund in 1-year category showed a return of ~26.7%. Pak Qatar Islamic Stock Fund ranked 3-Star. The total return of Pak Qatar Islamic Stock Fund in 1 year is ~10% against the stock market return of ~15.12%. As of Sep'23, the Fund generates income by investing ~86.1% in Equities and ~9.6% in cash. At the end of Sep'23, Sector-wise Fund invested ~25% in Oil and Gas exploration companies, ~15% in cement, ~10% in fertilizers, ~10% in commercial banks, ~6% in technology and communication, ~5% in Oil and Gas marketing companies, ~5% in engineering and remaining was invested in others.

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Madiha Sohail

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