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Date: 04-Jun-24
PACRA upgrades Broker Fiduciary Rating of Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt.) Limited

Rating Details Rating Type BFR
Dissemination Date Current (04-Jun-24 ) Previous (13-Jun-23)
Action Upgrade Maintain
Rating BFR 3+ BFR 3
Outlook Stable Stable
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Rating Rationale Factor Comment
Ownership Mr. Ahfaz Mustafa holds the controlling stakes of the Company (~65%), while remaining shares are divided amongst family members. The strong business acumen of the primary sponsor enhances the ownershi
Governance A two-member board of directors is present along with the existence of an Audit Committee. Expansion of board size and inclusion of independent directors would enhance the Governance framework.
Management and Client Services A defined organizational structure is in place, with IISPL streamlining its departments to enhance operational efficiency during 9MFY24. An experienced management team is in place; however, segregatio
Internal Controls and Regulatory Compilance The Company has enhanced its control framework during 9MFY24 through the addition of an underwriting discipline. Policies and procedures are designed to ensure regulatory compliances. Internal control
Business Sustainability The Company relies on equity brokerage as the primary source of revenue. In line with the market activity, the revenue has increased by ~86% to ~PKR 93mln during 9MFY24 as compared to ~PKR 50mln durin
Financial Sustainability The Company's streamlining of its organizational structure has improved its allocation of expenses, uplifting the profit after tax to ~PKR 149mln in 9MFY24 as compared to loss of ~PKR 47mln in SPLY. T

Key Rating Drivers Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt.) Limited ('IISPL' or the 'Company) has strengthened its market presence by strategically targeting HNWI's and diversifying its product range, amplifying its reach. The primary sponsor's keen business insight led to major gains in proprietary investments during 9MFY24. Going forward, upholding top-line growth, revenue diversification, and sustainability of profitability are vital for sustained ratings.

About the Entity
Legal Structure Private Limited
Year of Establishment 06-Aug-04
Type of License Trading and Self-clearing
Majority Ownership Mr. Ahfaz Mustafa (~65%)

Regulatory Disclosures Analyst Applicable Criteria Related Research
Hassaan Ahmad

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